Direct Thermal Label


Direct Thermal Label.  Perforated.  1″ core. Grade A Paper.

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Just Print, Stick and Ship

Are you ready to ship your packages?

We supply high quality direct thermal label for packages, cartons and pallets. Premium coated paper with printout that is waterproof, oil proof and scratch resistant. Compatible with most thermal printers.

What is Direct Thermal Label?

Direct Thermal Label uses paper that is chemically treated to change color when exposed to heat. They can be printed using direct thermal printing process. A thermal printhead is used to selectively heat up the themo-chromatic areas of the paper to produce images.

Product Features

Why Use Our Labels?

User Friendly

Do not require ribbon, ink or toner to print. It is thus environmental friendly as well.

Cost Effective

Less expensive compare to inkjet and laser printing for high volume printing


Printout remains clear and sharp when come in contact with mosture or water


Printout remains clear and visible from oil stains.

Scratch resistant

Does not easily produce marks when rubbed.

Strong Adhesive

Eco-friendly glue that is strong to prevent label from peeling off.

How long does Direct Thermal Label Last?

Printed label, using direct thermal printing process, typically start to *fade post 6 to 9 months. Hence it is mainly for short term applications. 

* The printed label would be sensitive to UV and heat, thus would fade with continuous exposure.


Where are direct thermal label used in?


Product barcodes. Price Tag. Shelf label.

Packaging Label

Carton & Pallet. Work in Progress.

Logistics & Shipping

Shipping label. Airway Bill. Address Label.


Expiry label. Food labelling. Promotion label.


Patient registration label. Medication label. Wristband.


Vistor Name label. Exhibition Name tag. Passes.

Our Standard Sizes

We offer the following standard size label that is widely use for most application. 

If you have other custom sizes or custom printing requirement, do contact us for more information.

4" x 6"

101mm x 152mm

4" x 3"

101mm x 76mm

4" x 2"

101mm x 50mm

3" x 2"

76mm x 50mm

2" x 1.33"

50mm x 34mm

2" x 1"

50mm x 25mm

Supported Thermal Printers

Our direct thermal labels can be printed by most thermal printers in the markets. 

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Other Label Printers

Trusted service and solutions for any order

Our motto is to provide the best service to our client in their labelling needs. Our sales consultants are able to advice you on the right media for your applications. Contact us today if you have an urgent requirement or you are facing challenges with your current supplies. We are glad to help you solve your problems.

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm
Label Size

4" x 2" (1" core), 4" x 6" (1" core), 4"x 3" (1" core)


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