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LI3608-SR Rugged Green Vibration Motor Usb Kit: Li3608-SR00003VZWW Scanner, CBA-U46-S07ZAR High Current Shielded Usb Cable

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Unstoppable Performance for 1D Barcode Capture

Every day, workers in your warehouse scan thousands of 1D barcodes near and far to ensure order accuracy and on-time delivery. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner you put in their hands. Now, you can give them the best with the corded Zebra LI3608-ER — unmatched rugged design, unmatched scanning performance, an industry best scanning range and unrivaled manageability. This linear imager delivers lightning-fast capture of any 1D barcode displayed on a screen or printed on a label in virtually any condition, nearer and farther than any scanner in this class — from 2 in./5.1 cm to as far as 56 ft./17.1 m away. The ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible — ideal for your most punishing environments. The Zebra LI3608-ER couldn’t be easier and less time-consuming to deploy and manage. The Zebra LI3608-ER — the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity and throughput in your operations

Best-in-class scanning performance — and scanning range

This linear imager delivers an extraordinary scanning range as far as 56 ft./17.1 m, enabling your workers to scan 1D printed barcodes 26 percent farther than the prior generation laser model. Your workers only need one scanner to read barcodes on the uppermost shelves of your warehouse racks and in hand, including extra-wide codes just a hands-length away. And with the advanced algorithms that have made Zebra the leader in barcode scanning, your workers can capture virtually any barcode in any condition — including under shrink-wrap, damaged, dirty or poorly printed. The result? Workers can capture virtually all 1D barcodes as fast as they can pull the trigger for first-time every time scanning — and extraordinary productivity.

Ultra-rugged — the most indestructible design in its class

The Zebra LI3608-ER is our most rugged scanner yet, with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specification in its class. The Zebra LI3608-ER is built to survive an 8 ft./2.4 m drop to concrete — 23 percent more durable than any other scanner in this class. The LI3608-ER operates reliably after 5,000 tumbles, simulating the real-world tumbling that occurs with a drop. Both models are dust proof, spray proof and waterproof to IP67 — they can be sprayed down with jetting water and even submersed in water.

Easy management with our complimentary industry-best tools

Remotely configure scanners, upgrade firmware, format data properly for your back end and monitor PowerPrecision+ battery statistics and more with 123Scan and Scanner Management Service (SMS).

Intuitive aiming pattern for ultra-simple scanning at any distance

A new aiming pattern provides fool-proof aiming for codes in hand — and on the uppermost warehouse racks.

Ready for the freezer

The Zebra LI3608-ER are built from the ground up to handle extreme cold. Their unique plastics, cables and components are designed to handle freezing temperatures without becoming brittle— making these scanners ideal for use in freezers and outdoor yards.*

Three flexible feedback modes

Mix and match the feedback modes that are ideal in your environment — vibration, red and green LEDs located in an area where they are always easy to see, plus the traditional loud beep tone.

Instantly connect to your Industrial Ethernet network

Zebra’s Network Connect for Automation delivers a seamless connection between LI3608-ER scanners and a manufacturer’s Industrial Ethernet network without the need for third party conversion equipment. The solution eliminates vulnerability points, improves security, reduces complexity and is compatible with every Zebra 3600 Series scanner.

DataCapture DNA

Zebra’s DataCapture DNA is a technology platform of highly intelligent firmware, software, utilities and apps exclusively engineered for Zebra scanners. Leveraging more than 35 years of Zebra’s industry expertise, DataCapture DNA delivers innovations that give our best-in-breed imagers greater intelligence and simplicity. When combined with the unstoppable performance found in every 3600 Series ultra-rugged scanner, DataCapture DNA turns Zebra’s 3600 Series scanners into powerful tools that help to resolve tomorrow’s data capture challenges today — and help your workers get more done each day.


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