Code CR2612

CR2612, Handle, Light Gray, Bluetooth, Battery, Charging Station with Embedded Modem & USB Charge Cable. Code CR2600 Series.

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The Code CR2612 is an ultra-fast, durable Bluetooth barcode reader that features an aggressive scan engine to decode all 1D, 2D and Postal barcode symbology. Its patented dual field optics make transitioning from decoding wide to very small barcodes seamless. While patented glare-reduction technology means reading barcodes on shiny surfaces is no longer a challenge. Also available in an XHD version for manufacturing workflows.

The Code CR2600 is available in both palm (Code CR2611) and handled configurations (Code CR2612). It features a durable quick-release, rechargeable, battery cartridge. For a truly mobile solution, battery cartridges accurately measure charge level. It, then, displays battery life using a 4 LED fuel gauge indicator.

By scanning the QuickConnect Code located on the charging station, the CR2600 quickly establishes a wireless connection between the reader and the host device. This enables users to transmit barcoded data into any application. For added versatility, the Code CR2600 can be paired to other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Now with CodeShield, Level 3 plastics, and an IP65 rating, the Code CR2600 tolerates more cleaners and disinfectants than any other healthcare barcode reader on the market. With CodeShield, this pocket-sized, wireless reader can freely move in and out of patient rooms without affecting infection control protocols.

How do customers use the CR2600?

You will find the CR2600 used mainly in healthcare and manufacturing. This is a hit with nurses! Small enough to fit in scrub pockets, nurses can carry the CR2600 from room to room – perfect for medication administration. Also thrives in manufacturing workflows like automotive, warehouse, and electronic assembly. The CR2600 is the scanner of choice for medication administration workflows. IP65 rated, Bluetooth, ergonomic, and built with CodeShield® disinfectant-ready plastics, this reader is ready to work as hard as you do.

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